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Engineering Excellence


It is the policy of Jenkins Engineering  to provide equipment and services that satisfy customers quality, reliability, safety, contract and specification requirements.  To achieve the quality objectives, the Company shall establish, document, maintain and implement an effective and economic quality assurance system which recognises the requirements of it's customers quality assurance specifications.


The quality assurance system shall include quality management objectives, policies, organisation and procedures which maintain an effective and efficient quality programme, planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions.  

Quality management has the responsibility and authority to develop, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation, effectiveness and costing of the quality assurance system.  Functional management has the responsibility and authority to develop and maintain documented procedures to ensure compliance with the Company policy and quality assurance system requirements.



Jenkins Engineering's inspection facility is well equipped with the latest in measurement devices, calibrated routinely by an independent external Q.A organisation in accordance with our in-house Quality Control Manual and procedures. Quality of work is constantly monitored throughout the production process by our skilled staff. Final inspection is carried out on all work, to ensure that it meets with the high standards expected by our customers.   Inspection of material, processes and equipment is recorded, dated and signed, enabling full traceability at all times.